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Great 3D battles, lacking character skills

The storyline is pretty bland and I expected more out of this game. I do like the take of transforming for more powerful skills, but I still thought the character skills were lacking during battles. I do like Kemco games A LOT, but felt there are other great Kemco games than this one. I did like that Kemco is making games that use the GameVice controller!

Great portable rpg

One of the better rpgs I have played on my phone. The only problem I have with it is that the weapon customization, though interesting and full of potential, is made pointless by the constant stream of newer and more powerful weapons. Maybe there should be a way to recycle old weapons that have been customized.

Perfect Battle System

I love it! I was so surprised to see a battle system that it is very better so much! Because I can use my right hand for command the fighting. I used my left hand for walking. It so perfect! I love everything the colors and design graphic for menu and icons! Excellent!


Fun JRPG. The timed attack bonus keeps you involved, but gets repetitive. If you like other Kemco RPGs, you'll like this one.

Nothing new, but worth the price

I never finished this game, but I don't regret buying it. The story is bland, characters change with little motivation or reason, clichés are abundant, and combat grew tedious for me (specially on hard mode: farming and long battles aren't difficult, game devs). However I'm not expecting a game of the year from an iPhone app. I got a good 12 hours of playtime in from a 4 dollar game. It's good enough for what I wanted out of it, and the game did have a few funny moments in the story, even if they're clichéd. If you're simply looking for a time waster, it isn't a bad game. If you're experiencing crashing when you pull up the load screen, try double tapping the home button on your device and then selecting the game again before you pull up the load screen. For some reason that worked for me.

Charming game, but crashes

I really like the game. It's story and gameplay has good pacing. Normal is a breeze for novice Turn-based RPG fans, Hard is for those looking for a challenge. In comparison to Alphadia Generous, I think Revenant Saga wins me over to being much more polished in its execution. Only one problem, I'm having issues whenever I start up the app/return to title screen, the game would crash multiple times, like up 3-7 times before it gets pass the loadup barrier, afterwards it runs pretty stable. Don't know what's that about, none of the other Kemco RPGs has ever done this to me. It's really annoying, actually. It makes me want to do only one playthrough and then never pick it up again..

Kemco has done it again

I love this game. The storyline is intriguing and the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. I also enjoy that the characters have transformations. The only thing disappointing about this game, is that the background music does not work on my iPhone, only the sound effects. The game is entirely silent unless I open a chest or receive a quest. I've checked on my iPad to see if the same issue persist, but the audio worked just fine on the iPad. Please fix this issue as I am only playing the game on my iPhone. It's such a fun game and I'm really into it, but I know I would be more into it with the background music. Please and thank you. This has been another enjoyable experience with a kemco game. I can't put the game down!

Great story

Fun rpg mechanics with great story and interesting characters

First Kemco rpg thoughts

So I'm pretty impressed with this game, my first Kemco rpg, but it could be better. First I like the clean menus, lots of dialogue between characters, the humor, the little extras and the polish. I also like the rewards for trophies. However, some things that could be improved are the editing for text (I saw a lot of grammar errors or mistypes) and also more interactive environment like being able to find items in barrels or bookcases and so forth. The translation is actually pretty good it just needs to be proofread more. I'm still giving this a 5 star rating though because it is very fun and polished minus some of the spelling and grammar issues. More like this!

Great game

Great game I like the gear and equipment they have placed in the game the story is good and long I still haven't done many sub quests. Overall I'm glad I purchased this game

Another amazing game

Wonderful plot and cool battles. Always impressed with kemco games. Highly recommended game for rpg lovers.

Another kemco great game!

I'm really enjoying the story so far. I've been a big fan of kemco and this is another great game.

Fifth Kemco Game beaten

Well it's the standard save the world jrpg with a little revenge added in. The game at some points would crash on me but otherwise it loads perfectly. Playing the game on hard was challenging at first but after some level grinding the game felt like I was playing on easy. The levels don't cap off at 99 but once you get into the 200 range even on hard the game feels like I'm playing on easy. At these levels, the end of game is easy and the final boss is no challenge at all. I haven't done the challenges yet but I hope the are harder than the main storyline. The 3d was a bit more defined than in alphadia genesis. Hey Kemco please make a sequel to that game. Other than that the game was fun and enjoyable. I wish Kemco would go more in depth with the story than just leaving us to make inferences. Maybe add some more romance but actually give us a definite answer no maybe they got together.

Great game

Great game

Very good

Great story and battle system. Very enjoyable rpg thus far.


I'd truly prefer to have a full keyboard when doing reviews, but, whateves. As for my thoughts on the game, honestly, I haven't played it all the way through, but so far the characters are enjoyable, each one has a secret, and while said secret may be beyond obvious to the player, watching how they interact with each other with lies in tow is fun. Transformations are also fun, and I absolutely love having a Mage in the party personally I like my main character to be able to at least cast a basic healing spell. So far this game does not answer this call, but the Mage is cool too. Be warned, though, that the dungeons do not have maps, so memorization is key. Also be warned that the characters are all very kind people--even though a certain member of the party can certainly appear otherwise. This leads them to being gullible...which makes you want to hit them sometimes. However, they are just as quick to trust the villain as they are to tear him to shreds, so that is defenetly nice. Though weather or not this story will have another bland "all ends well" ending, or not, is yet to be seen. (Spelling errors are not my fault..)

Can't open the game

App closes right after I open the game


How do u link the game to game center so I could keep playing it from we're I left cause I downloaded the game from my iPod and played it and now I got a new phone so I want to keep playing the game on my phone but from where I left but I can't it keep playing from the begging ,,,,,, helllllllp plz ???????

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